Re-covering an Old Dress Form

Hellu Pussycats!

I was lucky enough to be given this lovely vintage dress form.
She was a little rough around the edges but still had great potential!

I knew right away that all she needed was an updated cover to breathe  some new life into her.
What girl doesn't feel perky and fresh in a new dress??? ;)

I started with the knit underlay by draping and pinning in the darts for shape and fit.

I cut away the excess fabric as I went and marked all the darts and seams w a marker.
( next time I would use a less bright marker...the colour showed thru
in spots where I had made an error. Oooops! ;)
I decided at this point I would put a zipper in at the center back
as a means to get the cover on and off for spot cleaning.

After I made sure that I had marked everything well, I placed the pink underlay
on top of the lace. I pinned the two layers together and basted around the edges.

I then sewed up the darts, side seams and shoulder seams. I also clipped into
the curves around the neckline, side seams and shoulders. Clipping and trimming 
allows the seams to lay flat and hug the curves without pulling or puckering.

You might notice that I was a bit short on the bottom  the one side. Oooops!
I pulled too much from the botton at the beginning when I was pinning the darts.
next time I will be more careful! 
To fix my mistake, I slip stitched a band of pink knit around the bottom to conceal
 that it falls well above the bottom of the dress form.
The last thing I did was add the zipper in the back and some lace to the hem.

Ta da!!! I was more than thrilled with how she turned out :)
The soft pink turned out to be a wonderful neutral tone for display purposes. 
You can see the nod of approval from Stella!

I got ambitious and covered a second old dress form in polka dots.
They both look great and have a wonderful new purpose!

I am a firm believer in not throwing it out if you
can re-cover it and bring it back to life :)

Have a great afternoon! Luv Weezi xo