Take In Skirt Waist and Replace the Back Skirt Zipper

Helllu Pussycats!
I found this fabulous skirt at a favourite second hand shoppe 
and I luved how full it was but the waist was too big.

 I got it anyway b/c I knew
it would be easy to take in the waist and replace the back zipper.
I am going to show you a simple procedure to take in an unlined skirt
and that even a beginner can manage this alteration.
Don't be intimidated!! Just go slow, use a bigger stitch length
incase you have to pick out a mistake
and double check that things match up.
You will do great :)

#1. I measured in at the center back how much I need
 to take in the skirt for a comfortable fit.
I removed the zipper and opened up the center back seam.

#2. I marked the backs evenly on both sides the total amount
to take in with pins.

#3. I folded the skirt center back where the pin marks at the waist.

#4. From that point at the top I folded over roughly 
the same amount all the way down the center back.
I folded back at the top  1 3/4" and then 
about an 1 1/2"- 1 1/4" all the way down keeping
the center back seam as straight as possible.
Do the same on both sides.

#5. Press your new center back seams down.
Mark in 1/2" seam allowance from the folded back edge
all the way down the back of the skirt on both sides
and then cut and trim along your pencil or chalkline.

#6. Finish the edge with either a serger or a zigzag stitch
to prevent fraying.

#7. You want to line up your waistline and the yoke seams
to make sure that they will match and are the same length.

#8 and #9. Turn your skirt and carefully pin with right sides together 
still matching yoke seams and waistline.

#10. Line up the hemline matching ends perfectly and pin there too.

#11. Line up your zipper with the back and pin where
your seam will start down the center back.
( Tip: This is a very high waisted skirt and i am using a 
23 cm zip instead of a regular skirt zipper. You need the extra
 room in the zipper to get in and out of it because of the high waist )

#12. Stitch from the that point down to the hem,
 back stitching at the opening so it doesn't pull open.

#13. Line up the top of your zipper with the very top
of the waistline. Have the zipper stop ( little metal piece)
right at the top and pin the zipper in place at the waist.

#14. Stitch that side first (the left side of the zipper) down from top to bottom.
Just do the one side for right now.

#15. Do the zipper up to just above the yoke seam. Mark 
where the yoke seam is on the right side of the zipper with a pin.

#16. Stitch the other other of the zipper matching the
 pin placement with the yoke on the right side of the skirt.

#17. With your needle down at the the yoke seam double
check that your zipper's metal edge is right the top of
your skirt waistline and pin at that point.
You will see that my zipper is bulging a bit and is a wee
bit longer then the length on the skirt between the
yoke and waist. Not to worry!

#18. From the top of the skirt, give it a tiny pull towards you
(keep the needle down or skirt will wiggle all over)
and the zipper should ease down. Finish stitching while continuing to
pull a tiny bit on the zipper and the skirt. Back stitch at the
 top of the zipper at the waistline.

#19. Turn the top of the zipper tape down, fold over to the right side
of the fabric and pin.

#20. Do up your zipper and check one last time that the yoke 
and waist lines match. The mark of a great alteration is that
everything matches :)

#21. Lastly, you can pin the skirt onto the zipper on the right side
of the fabric to keep everything in its place while you top stitch 
the zipper down. Back stitching again at the top on both sides.
(sorry about the blurry photo!!! )

#22. Admire your work :)

I hope this will help encourage you to alter 
a skirt that might be too big.
If you have any questions about this procedure 
please feel free to ask me :)

Happy Sewing Pussycats!!
Luv Weezi xo

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Lisa Weezi Gaverluk said...

Thanx Rebecca Jean! The trick w alterations is really just to take your time and double check before you cut anything. Use a large stitch length in case you need to pick out bc picking out small stitches can make you crazy. Enjoy your altered skirts :)