What Was Going on in the Weezi Studio This Week :)

Hellluuuuuu Pussycats!!
Hope everyone has had a lovely week :)
It has been a busy week here in the Weezi studio.
I am really getting into high gear getting stock ready for Christmas.
Yes, I know ...I said it. 
The sad fact that is that in retail we have to start preparing in July for
the big holiday. As per usual I am behind. Hahahah! No surprise there  ;)
I have been sewing away, making soap ( it has to sit 4-6 weeks before
it is ready to be labelled) and listing things in my Etsy shoppe.

Here are just a few highlights from this week :)

1. Aprons sold online and being shipped out to the US and as far away as Norway :)
(I still get a thrill when I get to ship something out far away. It never gets old!)

2. Lots of new aprons in the studio and to be listed online in my Etsy shoppe next week.
Star Wars or Star Trek apron anyone??? 

3. Getting ready to assemble fall rings.
These will be available both in the studio and online.

4. Gloria and the Hula Skirt Chicken post a bunch of their UK bus trip pics.
These gals know how to have a good time ;)

5. Making up loads of cold process soap. This week was Blue Raspberry, 
Midnight Pomegranate, Jasmine,White Wisteria and Japanese Cherry Blossom. 
Smells soooooo good in here!

6. Putting together bobby pin sets in darker colours for the fall.

7. Sleep masks with flannel or fleece backs now in the studio to keep
your eyes cozy and shielded from the light this winter :)
ps- these are also available in town at The Bag Lady.

It was a most enjoyable week here in the Weezi studio this week.
As much as this time of the year really gets hectic, it is also a great time for
creativity and making ideas come to fruition!
I am super excited to be listing and sharing all the fun new items
that I will be rolling out for the holidays. It really is a great time
to be making handmade :)

Have a wonderful weekend Pussycats!!
Take care, Luv Weezi xo