Who Doesn't Luv Knick Knacks!???

Who Doesn't  Luv Knick Knacks!???
Hellu Pussycats!
Anyone who has ever been to my house knows that I am
a HUGE fan of knick knacks. Huge.
My Mum loves knick knacks and both my Grannies luved them.
It is in my blood and I can't deny it.
I won't make excuses for it.
I don't understand minimalism and think it is a
waste of good knick knack space.
Case in point my bathroom...
( I was very inspired after our trip to Venice)

My desk.

 I often think it looks like a 12 years old's desk.
Many days I feel I need to get rid of it all and
have a grown up desk.
But- you know, I wouldn't be comfortable with a grown up
desk that is tidy and dull.
It just isn't who I am.
I was always in a hurry to be a grown up
and it turns out being a grown isn't all that great a lot of the time.
But...that is a whole other topic for another day.

So!- you can imagine my delight when I was purr-oozing thru the
Plaid Pony on Etsy  (great name BTW)
Gorgeous knick knacks galore!!!!

If you like vintage salt and pepper shakers you might want to sit down...


The face on this bank will so make you want to save money!

They also have their own web site called The Plaid Pony
where you can find even more kitchy greatness.
They have ashtrays that  "out-do" most
ashtrays you have ever seen (in my humble opinion)

A bear ashtray rocks.

An alligator ashtray rocks even more.

Gorgeous colour. Good as a candy dish as well...not trying to
promote smoking or anything like that.

 Luv the swirl on this one.

They also carry men's and women's clothing. Accessories.
Lots of other housewares.
I highly recommend checking them out.
They will ship to Canada even thought it is not listed.
Just send her an email with your postal code for a shipping cost.

You can also find them by email at
or on Twitter

Join their FaceBook Plaid Pony Fanpage
I did!!
So Pussycats that has been the knick knack fix for today.
I hope you enjoy their shoppes as much as I do.
When you buy something please tell 'em Weezi sent ya.

Have a marvelous Sunday afternoon!
I will be posting pics next week of new Weezi items
so stay tuned.
Be in touch!! Luv Weezi xo

Photo by Adam Gaverluk Photography


ElizabethMD Jewelery said...

OMG awesome stuff! I have that gator ashtray....it was my grandpas! How awesome.

Plaid Pony Vintage said...

Thanks so much for the feature! I'm glad you like my stuff as much as I do :) Don't ever think you need a grown up desk - that would be so boring! xo Lara