Gorgeous Vintage Inspired Nostalgic Photographs

Gorgeous Vintage Inspired  Nostalgic Photographs
Hellu Pussycats!
I was looking thru a bunch of Etsy photos the other
day looking for inspiration.
I want to fine tune my Etsy store this spring and come up
with a "signature" photo shot for Weezi.
While purr-oozing thru a billion shots I found this
gal who takes the nicest photographs.

Welcome to Lola's Room where you will find sweet, nostalgic photography
by  Cassia Beck.


This last one is my favourite...

 I am going to have to get this one for sure.
So pretty!
I just luv her work!!
I hope you will enjoy looking thru Cassia's shoppe as much as I did.
You can also find her on Twitter

Read her blog:

And don't forget to fan her on her FaceBook Fan Page:

Lastly, If you like what you see in Lola's Room then have a look see
in her other Etsy Shop
appropriately called Cassia Beck.
All images are the property of Cassia Beck.
Enjoy Pussycats!!!
Have a fabulous afternoon!
Be in touch! Luv Weezi xoxo

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Anja said...

These are so pretty! :D