New Pixie Jacket

New Pixie Jacket
Hellluuu Pussycats!
I finally finished another girly fleece jacket for the fall.
This one is called the Pixie.

I started the pattern on Friday night.
The first idea wasn't quite like this...

This was my first idea....

But then, I was sure about sewing in that curved yoke in fleece.
Could induce a lot of swearing and I already swear too much.

Here is a little bit of the process...
My patterns are always a mess and purists would faint at the sight of masking tape
as I fit pieces together.
I however, am not a purist.

Always blend your curves...always.

Side seams that match make for happy sewing....I was
going to have a pleat in the back...but it didn't look right.

Yes, even 1cm can make a big difference in how you sleeve sets in.
Learned that the hard way MANY times.

The final fitting front and back.
As usual, it took longer then I wanted...story of my life.

Tah Dah!!!!!! The finished jacket.
I did 5 sizes in this green.
I will make 3 red over the weekend.
Have a great Friday Pussycats!!!
I am here until 6:00pm
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Luv Weezi xo