Jellyfish in a Marble?

Jellyfish in a Marble??? Friday the 13th!!

Helllu Pusycats!
Happy Friday the 13th!


I had to show you these gorgeous Jellyfish Marbles
by West Coast Glass on Etsy.

They look real but they are not real jellyfish...

An handcrafted flameworked borosilicate glass marble.
This jellyfish appears to have a flow and movement of the real thing!
The "hood" or top is a gorgeous blue with just a hint of yellow
and the long red tentacles delicately dangle in the clear glass.
Thanx to Indie North for the original post. :)
I have made some neck warmers this week.

Once again...not the best photo but it gives an idea.
I will take pics of them on real people this weekend.
I fought this idea for a long time but after some debate
I am forced to eat my words.
They are very practical and cute at the same time.