"What's on page...????"
Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
Here is the weekly installment of
"What's on Page.....????
Where I go into the deep, dark, far back reaches of Etsy and find
cool items that time may have forgotten.
(Insert Indiana Jones music here...)

On page 1049 in the jewelry section I found these lovely earrings from Singapore.

Great beads!- and free shipping!
AND!- on the same page I found these great earrings..

I really like this colour combo.

Lastly, on page 15,692 I came across the nice earrings.

I am really into the long tear drop style lately.
Hmmm..I might have to get these!

I am very proud to present 2 of the photos that my brother took when we had our
photo shoot a couple of weeks ago.

They are fantastic!!!!

You can go to his web site to see more.

Well Pussycats...that is all for today.
I am going to try and make some new fall book bags.
Have a great Saturday!!!!
Be in touch!
Luv Weezi xoxoxoxoxoxox