Cool Stuff

A Suitcase That Doesn't Travel & a Painted Wood Fire?!
Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
Today at in the Weezi Studio we have a couple new
and very interesting pieces.

I have a new HOT wooden flame box that my Dad made.

Very cool.

It would be great on a desk or on a hallway table....
If you have a devilish themed bedroom ( insert sexy growl here)
then it would be great on a dresser or night stand.

It is such a wonderful shape!

I don't know if he will ever make another one like this or not.

I think it is one of his best yet!
AND!- we also have a new suitcase table.

A little bit different from the last one but essentially the same idea.

Very cool for your funky living room or hallway.

You can put "stuff" in it like magazines or candles or DVDs.
We all have "stuff" that we need to hide.
Some of us have some stuff then others.... ah!- that would be me.

So come by the studio this weekend if you are
downtown and check out the new stuff.
The big Weezi SALE is still on!!!!
Skirts and dresses are on sale.

Have a great long weekend Pussycats!!!
Hopefully most of you get Monday off.

Be in touch! Luv Weezi xoxoxoxoxo

Ps We will be closed on the Monday and Tuesday of next week.
We are going camping again! Yippee!!!