Vintage on eBay in Canada
Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
I was checking out some vintage clothing on eBay this morning.
Specifically what is available IN Canada.
I found some cool things that I am very tempted by.

I found this great dress that is located in Toronto.

Looks like it is in good condition.
42" bust and 34" waist. Cool.
Her shipping is very reasonable as well.
This auction goes until July 31st.

She has this dress as well...

This auction isn't done until Aug. 1st.
This is very pretty!!!!
If this dress would fit me I would bid for sure!!!

Lastly... there are these cute little panties.

This is up on Aug. 2nd.
Very sexy!

If anyone bids and these and wins PLEASE let me know!!!!


So Pussycats, I am off to get ready to go camping tomorrow!!!
Yahoo! I am soooo excited!
3 days of reading, eating, campfires and chipmunks!
Can't wait.

Please remember that we will be closed tomorrow and Tuesday.
We are open today from Noon until 4:00.
Wednesday we will be open by about Noon.

Have a great Sunday!
Be in touch! Luv Weezi xoxoxoxox