Web Page Updated!
Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
Well, It took me 2 days BUT I finally got the
Weezi web page updated.

The only problem is that the updates page is
kinda screwed up and is showing blogs from 2006!

So, this is a test for the Updates bag
as well as to let you now that there are all
new photos on the web page.

Some of the bags and things you may have seen, some not.

I PROMISE not to let it lag ever again for so long!!
It is shameful how behind I got in updating it.

Sorry!!!! It looked so tired...how embarrassing!

But it is all good now!
Soon Adam and I will be working away on an all new page!

I have to "refresh" Weezi in my browser a couple of times
to get it all right.
Any problems please let me know!

Stay warm and be in touch!!!
Luv Weezi xoxoxox

ps..I put these photos of the studio in the Newsletter
section of the web page.