The Story of Stuff

Happy New Year Pussycats!
I found this very interesting web site that I would like to share w you.
It is called The Story of Stuff

It is a look at our insatiable need to consume and the repercussions.
It is not preachy but very interesting.
There is a small video that I watched and enjoyed.
I like that they are working at getting buy to think about why the "stuff"
out there is so cheap in certain places.

Those who know me well know that lately I been having issues
with dollar stores.
I have AWAYS had issues w Walmart and big box stores.

But the question that I have been asking myself lately is HOW can this only be a dollar???
How can all these things be so cheap??? What is the catch??
Are they covered in lead paint?

I am not a big time shopper - but I
do try and make a difference when I spend what little money I have.
I (for obvious reasons) advocate supporting independent businesses.
Milos and I try to eat mostly at independently owned restaurants.

I think it is REALLY important to think about where you are spending your money
and why you shop where you shop.

I understand why we all go to the dollar store, it is cheap-period.
But many times I have all this stuff in my basket and then I stop and ask myself do I really
need all the items in this basket and do I need to buy it here.

Don't get me wrong-I am not rollin' in the dough and try to save money where I can.
But- should I buy that item at the dollar store OR is my money better spent on an item purchased at a locally or even Canadian owed business?
It may cost me a couple of dollars more and will possible last longer.
Really- is this about need- or want???

I don't intend to start the new year all "preachy" but
is that it is good to think these things thru.
To make better informed decisions about how we spend our money and how we allow the media to influence our pocket books, our egos and perceptions of ourselves and others.

The big questions for me is HOW can that be a dollar and what are
the consequences of it being a dollar??

So, here is this web page link....

It is about 20 minutes to watch the interesting little video.
It isn't the most fascinating video I have ever seen but it has
some fabulous points and really breaks down the big picture and gets you thinking.

It is a great web site to pass along, I think.

Have a great New Years Day!

Be in touch! Luv Weezi xo

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