Bags made out of Coats

Bags made out of CoatsHiddy Ho Pussycats!
I finally got my butt around to making these leather coats
into tote bags.
Truth be told I was a little bit nervous to cut into them.
I didn't have an overall game plan and I was afraid
that I might screw them up.

So, I mustered up my courage over the last couple of days and
cut into these jackets.

This coat had great sleeves!!

I didn't get to utilize the sleeves as much as I thought I would.
They were just too big....too much leather to work with.
I fought with this one for a long time!

But- it turned out great!

I was able to use the front lapel, the front pockets and I
cut up the rest of the sleeves to make the ruffle on the top.

With this next one I goofed and forgot to
take a picture of the bag before I cut into it...opps!

I think my new "thing" for this leather bags are the ruffles
at the top of the bag.

I love doing this!
I think it makes it cute and feminine but
not junior in any way.

Again, I used the front pockets and lapel.
I saved the waist closure snap and used a flap from the shoulder (ick!) as
the front closure.

Hope you likey!!!!
They are as always one of a kind and in the studio now.
I have 2 more days of bags and then it is back to dresses
and tee shirts.

Will keep you posted.

Come by.... we will be open tomorrow until 6:00.
Be in touch and stay warm!!!
Luv Weezi xo