New sweater bags

New Bags & more Switch Plate Covers
Hiddy Ho Pussycats!

Here are some new items.
New sweater bags....some smaller

This one used to be a tube top.

Some of the totes are good for a few books etc.
like these ones...

This tote is made from a recycled blanket.
Red and Turquoise...very cool.

Also a recycled, shrunken woolsweater....cherries-need I say more?

A few are even bigger with room
for your laptop and a few other things
you will most definitely need!

Another former sweater...with "popcorn" like stitching.

And!- It is time to show off a few new switch plate covers.

First and foremost...Johnny Depp!!!!!!

Oh jeeze lousie he is hot!
Betty Page... one of the original bad girls.

We have a few of these.

Pretty in Pink.

Blaine? Blaine?! His name is Blaine?!! thats not a name, thats a kitchen appliance!!!

Luved that movie...great soundtrack.
I soooooo wanted to have that pink dress Molly Ringwald had and
her car was very cool!
Duckie WAS a catch and no one could have a better frieind then Iona.

Oh, I digress into my youth...wait!!!!!- I am old?!

Never mind.

Have a great day Pussycats!
Stay warm & be in touch!
luv Weezi xoxo