So, yesterday I finally finished a ba

2 weeks?????!!!!!!!! Holy S%*T!!!

Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
Yep, as I sit here and look at the calender...2 weeks today.
Yikes, I am sooooo not prepared. I had better get organized or
everyone is getting a record bowl for Christmas.

So, yesterday I finally finished a bag that I was very excited about.
(FYI- I am not always very excited about how some bags turn out.)

I made this one from a leather jacket that had been discarded.
It was a wee bit tricky to figure out the best way to sew it together
but it turned out great.

I left the back as it was.

The closure is actually a coat clasp that I turned upside down.

I am getting tired of just buttons and buttonholes.

This is the first of many...I have a few coats upstairs ready
to be "Weezi-ized"!

What else????
There are a couple new small bags in the studio.
Small blanket bags.

Lastly, I found this the other day on Etsy..

Luv it!!! I may have to order one.

Have a good one Pussycats!
Drop by the studio...we will be here.
Milos has brewed some great herbal tea made.

Be in touch! Luv Weezi! xoxoxox