Vintage Russian Fashion

Vintage Russian Fashion
Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
Ok, you all know that I am completely into vintage fashion.
I can't get enough of it.
found these photos of vintage Russian fashion
and had to share!

What a find!

"Op with a dash of trad - the folksy element comes through clearly, Nelli Arshavskaya having been influenced here by the old Russian wooden folk toys. She rather fancies these two ensembles for après-ski, but does not insist that this is the only occasion on which they can be worn"

I don't know which I love more here..the hat
the green gloves OR the guy in the background.

"Two outfits for day wear from the Soviet Union, with a strong dash of sporting flavour" (from "Sputnik", March 1968)

Once again, do I prefer the capes or the young man in the groovy shades?

"A cape is the thing when autumn days begin to get a little colder. We are likely to see many of them in Moscow before long." (From 'Sputnik', October 1968)

And lastly for today....

This one is my favourite of the 4.
I really like these suits.

From the spring and summer collection at the USSR Fashion House, as exhibited at Expo-67 in Montreal. Designed by Vyacheslav Zaitsev of the USSR Fashion House in "a blindingly pure fiery orange, an angry red, and a green that is full of the promise of life and eternal renewal."
Finding these set the perfect tone for my Saturday.

I am inspired to find more vintage Russian clothing.
I love the web for if only I
could add more hours to my day.

Have a great weekend Pussycats!
and as they say in Russia..
До скорой встречи. !