Record Album Covers

Hiddy Ho Pussycats!!!
We have some new LP Album Covers in the studio.
Here are just a few....


Liberace....what a guy.
I can't get enough of Liberace.
You know..I luv anything over the top.
If you look up "over the top" in the dictionary.....
it will have Liberace's photo beside the definition.

BTW- if you get to Vegas, go check out the Liberace musem.
Fabulous and very sparkley!

All the LP Album Covers are $19.98 ea.
Great for Christmas!
( yes, I said it. )

AND!- we are having a Fashion Show.

At Barneys Wed. October the 24th.
No cover, all ages.
Be there or be square!

Caio! Luv Weezi xo