Happy Thanksgiving Pussycats!

Happy Thanksgiving Pussycats!
Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend.

It has a been quite a while since public school for me and all of the historical
teachings of thanksgiving.
So, I went to Wikipedia and refreshed myself...


History of Thanksgiving in Canada

The history of Thanksgiving in Canada goes back to an English explorer, Martin Frobisher, who had been futilely attempting to find a northern passage to the Orient. He did, however, establish a settlement in Canada. In the year 1578, Frobisher held a formal ceremony in what is now the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, to give thanks for surviving the long journey. This event is widely considered to be the first Canadian Thanksgiving, and the first official Thanksgiving to occur in North America.

More importantly what did the gals wear that day????
If you were a regular gal like you and me it would be something like this.

The Fruit Seller
c. 1580

Hmmm, doesn't look as uncomfortable and restrictive as
I had thought it might be.
No worse then ultra low-rise jeans and a thong in January!
Enjoy the last of weekend pussycats!

LUv Weezi xo