My 1st Sewing Machine

My 1st Sewing Machine

Helluuu Pussycats! 
I was going thru photos today trying to organize 
some of my many, many folders online.
( I really need to print most of these
and get them into a real photo album and off the hard drive)

I found this one and thought I might share.
My 1st Sewing Machine

I can't even tell you how many hours I spent on this
little machine.
Making clothes for Barbies and other dolls.
I am sure at some point my Mum might have
regretted buying my this b/c it became an
obsession that took over most of the house.
I wanted to sew on the kitchen table.
I wanted to lay out everything to cut on the
dining room table.
We grew up in a little bungalow home so
there wasn't a lot of floor space but I managed
to somehow cover most of it in fabric, patterns
and notions.
Ask my Dad about finding pins in his bare feet!!
Hahah!!! I still hear about it today ;)

It wasn't long that I graduated to a "real" machine.
Altho- that machine did go pretty fast and the needle was sharp.
(I might be dating myself by admitting the toys we played with
didn't have many safety features!)

Anyhow- just goes to show you never know what
might happen when you give your child a toy
that can open up all kinds of creative pleasures & outlets.
Thanx Mum for getting me this!!!
I am sure I wouldn't have turned out to be an accountant anyhow
but this really did point me in the right direction :)

Have a great day Pussycats!
Be in touch, Luv Weezi xo


Andrea said...

That is so great that your parents nurtured your love of sewing, even with all the pins in their My daughter is a reader, and we are currently trying to design a library system for her small room. My son loves to climb everything, so we just give him a helmet and hope for the best. said...

OOOH! A library system in her own room???...What fun!.
A helmet-LOL!!! that is too funny!!!!

ShoeTease said...

Never throw it many memories :)

xo ShoeTease

Forest City Fashionista said...

You are so right about the possibilities of a toy inspiring a life-long passion. My first camera certainly sparked a passion for me. That sewing machine is so cute and deserves to be immortalized!