Social Networking was Invented for Geminis

Social Networking was Invented for Geminis

Hellu Pussycats!
Incase you haven't figured it out I am a Gemini.
True to form.
Luv it or hate it I am thru and thru.
Indecisive and moody BUT loads of fun and never a dull moment :)
Not the sign I would have picked... but that is another topic of conversation.

We Geminis are the social butterflies of the Zodiac sign.
Constant fluttering about looking for the next party, the next "big thing".
Always looking for what is happening-
who is with who and who said what???!
The true gossips of astrology!
We are the great communicators~
We talk and we talk and we talk and just when you 
think there isn't ANYTHING left to say...we talk a bit more.
( ask any of my dear friends)
However, we are are flighty and will move on from conversation
to conversation like a flash.
Flickle too. You bore me??? Not keeping up verbally???...I'll move on.
Short attention span...what was I saying???
No bother!~ we will start w something fresh! Let's talk about me :)

This is why social networking was made for us Gemini's.
OH yes!!!!! UBER fast, ever changing communication.
AND! loads of it- and it never, ever ends!
With lightening speed we can move back forth in the midst of thousands of posts.
We can talk and talk and move on from person to person with out
missing a beat.
We can always find someone new who will banter with us- we
can just keep communicating our little hearts out
and it never has to end. Ever.
It is exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.
Yes, social networking was invented just for
us Gemini's there is no doubt.
( Zuckerberg's b-day is the May 14th.
A Taurus perhaps but on the cusp of Gemini 
and that is enough  influence from the Twins over the Bull 
in manners of communication! The Bull is 
no match for our whimsy)

Where was I??? Oh yes! Talking! :)
So, as a true Gemini I can not leave any
communication rock unturned 
or any social network party unattended....
 I had to join Tumblr.
I couldn't be be left out!
Think of all the conversations happening- all the sharing and
non stop postings with all those words & ideas!
It is dizzying really, just the thought of it.
I haven't really figured out how to use it yet.
I am not sure how to much of anything but follow people.
But-I am signed up and now an official member of the party :)
Really, that is all a Gemini needs!
Btw-If you can't seem to get enough of me here you
can also find me on Facebook here
and Twitter here.
Be forewarned...I am chatty little thing ;)

Enjoy your Tuesday Pussycats!!
Be in touch, Luv Weezi xo


Heather said...

2 things come to mind...

Hey! No-one puts a Gemeaux in the corner...

And baby till you get there the party aint started!!


The Church of Vintage said...

Ha! I'm a Gemini too and find it awfully exhausting. Also suffer from a bit of logorrhea, I do however find the exchange of online communication as in Twitter or IM-ing not fast enough for my attention span, I get distracted too quickly too wait around for responses. I am such bad social networker;P