Weezi in the Gazette
Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
Jennifer Urbanski wrote a great article for the Gazette last
Friday about shopping downtown.
She was kind enough to include Weezi.
Here is the Weezi part of the article...

Low costs, high fashion at downtown boutiques MiCloset, Mesh Boutique, Weezi:

Weezi is a one of a kind shop that recognizes its unique spot in
the London fashion scene.
While some people might find comfort in conformity,
that is one thing you won’t find here.

“Anything that has a ‘Weezi’ tag is made from scratch,” storeowner Lisa Gaverluk says.
Whether she reuses ‘previously enjoyed’ pieces and adds her
own flare or creates the entire garment with purchased fabric,
you are guaranteed an original.

“As a general rule I only buy enough fabric to make four to five pieces,” Gaverluk says.

She offers each style in sizes small to large and everything is done in
limited runs. Weezi price tags display how many pieces
were made to assure that you would
be the only one wearing your purchase around campus.

The clothes are offered in a variety of fabrics, prints and styles so there is something for everyone.
The most popular items are the distinct purses displayed on a floor-to-ceiling wall unit.
These pieces are even more exclusive as Gaverluk
only buys enough fabric to make just one.

“The purses are the most fun thing for me to do,” she says. “There are always new bags.”

At Weezi, the concept of an environmentally friendly store
is more than just a marketing strategy.
Everything in the store is crafted by hand and even your purchases are carried
out in recycled newspaper bags made at the store.


To check out the rest of the article about Mesh and MI Closet go here...

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