The Good, The Bad and The Confusing Boots

The Good, The Bad and The Confusing Boots
Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
I found this gorgeous jacket at PlasticLand. I "heart" PlasticLand.
LUV it!!!! I luv the bow and the sleeves.
Not crazy about the grey colour but that is just me.
I also found these little gems....
Great purse.

This a skirt to be inspired by for sure!

OOOHH!!!! I REALLY like these shoes....they are perfect.
Only available in size 8 or 10. I curse my small feet!! GRRR!!
Ok, can someone explain these to me???
I am pretty opened minded when it comes to "experimental" design
but these leave me mildly confused.

It seems like Prince got a hold of these and had a tug of war with
Dolce and Gabbana.
You know what I am saying???
I just don't get it.
Well Pussycats, that is it for me today.
I am off to make pillows and cut out dolman sleeve fleece jackets.
Stay Warm!!!!! Be in touch!!!

Luv Weezi xoxoxox