Shop Local & "What's on Page...???!"
Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
It is Saturday and that means it is time for "What is on Page....??"

Let's see what is hidden away in the far back pages of Etsy.

In the bags section on page 3,686 I found this great knit "berry" bag
from KnitKnit in NYC

Very cool. LUV the colour and how vibrant it is.
In the clothing section on page 1,639 I found this great skirt from

Made with organice hemp cotton. Hand dyed as well.
Very cool! This seller rox!
She has a nice apple skirt too.
Lastly, in the Geekery section on page 609 I found this great
pendent from BirdUncaged.

I can think of many days when this would be great to have around my neck!

Comes w the chain which is nice.
In the "shop Local" section of Etsy I found these great Canadian sellers....

BlackLilyPie is in Toronto and she has these amazing buttons...

She studied illustration at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto.
She also has fantastic cards and bookmarks. Very talented!

Will have to buy some BatCat pins for sure!
I found ModRocks in Vancouver and she has some lovely
jewelry in her shoppe.

Check out these earrings...

These are bee-u-tiful!

OOOH!!!! Like these a lot.

Lots of great earrings here.
In Lunenberg Nova Scotia AnnaShoub is making these brilliant hats!

Triple luv her designs!!!

I would like to buy one of each.

Made from polar fleece so they are warm AND fashionable.
Hard to find in a winter hat these days.
This is a must see for sure!et

Well Pussycats, that is all for today.
I have to get working on the new web page and cut squares for blankets.
There are some new skirts in the studio and I will do some
more Kitchen Sink bags this week as well.

Have a great weekend! I am in the studio all weekend.
Be in touch!

Luv Weezi xoxoxoxox

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hatjunkie said...

Thanks so much for writing about my hats. Your own work is adorable. Anna Shoub, The Hat Junkie