Happy Halloween & Weezi is in
LOU LOU Magazine!!!!!

Hiddy Ho Pussycats!!!!
Happy Boo-Day!!!
I am sure many of you are giddy with anticipation of wearing your costume
tonight and doing the Monster Mash :)
Ah, the memories of Halloweens past....

Here I am at age 7 ...that year I went out as a gypsy.
I don't know where I came up w these ideas.

I was never a witch, a ghost or anything dead. And never a "thing".
Always a person.
At any rate, I remember liking this costume a lot but I have to
admit my make up skills aren't much better now then that day.

This year I was Charlie Chaplin.

Here I am w my brother. I was 9 and Adam is 2.
I am not sure why a 9 year girl wanted to be Charlie Chaplin..but there you have it.
And!!- NOW for some really exciting news!
In this months issue of LOU LOU Magazine
London is featured in the "Shopping Safari" section.
They picked about 13 stores from downtown and I was one of them.

Where LOULOU shops

Get to know the finest boutiques in the greatest cities, go along a true fashion and design road, discover LOULOU's theme circuits for the very best finds.

Our most recent safari:


Here is the link to the article...

I am thrilled to bits.
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    Tucked into a corner loft above Prince Albert’s Diner, this girly boutique with hot-pink walls is devoted to recycled fashions. Weezi, the house line from owner Lisa Gaverluck, features shoulder bags made from repurposed sweaters, blankets and karate belts. (Some of the bags have pretty felt-flower appliqués.) Lisa also recycles T-shirts, makes rings from reclaimed earrings, creates journals from old record-album covers and reworks vintage Butterick and Simplicity patterns for unique fashion creations. So slip into the boudoir-style fitting room to try on a Weezi denim or corduroy skirt, made from new fabric, or the stretch-twill Black Betty dress, named after the edgy 1950s pin-up model Bettie Page.

    204 Albert St.
    519-642-2651 • www.weezi.com
    Prices: $2–$120

So yeh! How great is it that they came to London?!
The new Weezi web page will be up tonight.
If you go now it is still the old one.
Adam and I will be uploading the new site tonight.

So, tell all your friends that London is in LOU LOU magazine.
Pop by the studio Pussycats, I will be here all weekend.

Have a GREAT Halloween!
Be in touch.

Luv Weezi xoxooxox