Vintage Dresses to be Inspired by and Fittings
Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
If you are reading any of the "in the know" fashion blogs right now,
you know that Fall 2008 is what everyone is talking about.
But, because it is just me and my sewing machine
I work in the season not a year ahead.
I am still coming up w ideas and patterns for what I am
going to make next week.

These are the vintage patterns that I am being inspired by this weekend.

On the left side I like the mustard dress w the long sleeve ....
Looking at the McCall's on the right I like the blue dress.
I think this would make a nice top as well in a shorter version.

This Simplicity pattern on the left has me "all a buzz" with the buttons
on the white dress and I like the gingham pockets too.

I think I will do a long version of this one as well.

I know the one on the right is a maternity dress but I
want to tighten it up and turn it into a cute little babydoll dress.
This would be nice over capri's as well....hmmm the wheels are turning.

I bought this pattern on Ebay and have been dying to try it on someone.

Last night we had a impromptu photoshoot w my brother at the studio.
And, since as I had models handy...I whipped up some fittings quickly
and HAD to get Kelly to try this dress on.

It doesn't look very nice in this awful fabric!

But soon it will be quite the party dress....

Without the work sox of course!

I also wanted to revisit an old Weezi strapless dress pattern on Gaisha.
There has to be some sexy strapless dresses in the Weezi studio this summer!

So, I will busy this weekend doing pattern work....not my
favourite thing to do I must admit.
I am more of a sewing kind of gal...that is what I like the most.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!!
Happy March Break !!!
Come on in to the studio if you are kicking around downtown.

Be in touch! Luv Weezi!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

P.S. Remember to change the clocks tomorrow night.