Newspaper Shopping Bags and Procrastinating
Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
Well, we are snowed in today!!

I haven't even considered leaving the house.

I have been online all day putting off working on my patterns.

So, I have been listing the new pics from my brother on Facebook and Flickr
and thinking about making recycled Weezi shopping bags.

I want to come up with a bag for the store instead of buying those
awful and boring white shopping bags.

After much "googling" and thinking and looking online I
came up with the idea of making a shopping bag from newspapers.
We always have tons of them and I want to be good and use
recycled materials.
So, here is my first prototype...

I like how the first one came out. I can do them in many sizes....

I put a plastic grocery bag on the inside to keep the newsprint
off of your new Weezi purchase.

AND- I can use cardboard from empty boxes to reinforce the handles.

In this one there is about 4 layers of newspaper.

I can use fabric scraps for the handles.
You could use them again for something small and light.

Now, they won't last forever but they aren't supposed to.
The idea is give you a recycled bag when you purchase something at me studio
that you can use again a couple of times.
Take out the plastic and cut off the handles and the paper can
put in the blue box.

Now, the big question..
Do you guys like these Weezi bags?

What would you think if I put your Weezi purchase in this bag???
They aren't much good in the rain..but I could come up with a
plan B for that reason.

Anyhow...I would love some feedback from you.
Please let me know what you think.

Stay warm Pussycats!
Be in touch!! Luv Weezi ! xoxoxoxxo


mad-ame said...

these are great!!
fun, even if they DON'T last more than 3 or 4 uses (but i think they would, really).
weather-proofing could be as easy as adding a layer or translucent plastic bag to the outside before you paste on the weezi sticker. like what you've done for the inside, only on the outside as well!

Gaisha said...

Ya I totally love the idea. Very original!