Crafts w the People I luv!

Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
Thursday night was awesome b/c I got to make
stuff in the Weezi studio with 3 people I love dearly.

Katrina, Milos, Allison and I were all geared up for a crafty night.
Good times!

Katrina has never had so much fun!

We made Album Cover Journals and record bowls.

If you remember from the old Weezi store
we did lots of these.
Same as before and we have everything from
AC DC- Liberace-Michael Jackson and Grease.

All the journals have 90 pages of lined paper.

Great for Christmas presents!!
Come by the Weezi Studio and check 'em out.

Enjoy your Saturday Pussycats!
Be in touch, luv Weezi xo