Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
Ok, I luv the heat BUT even I am
feeling this.
I have been sewing in the attic
and it is a wee bit stuffy and "hawt"!

First, the debit machine is not an urban myth
even though it feels like one!
yep...there it is!

Here are just a few things that are new.

I am in a "skull" kinda mood i guess....

There are a couple new round skull bags.

Can I just say..that I am having a hell of
a time with my camera.
I am sorry that the colour in the pics isn't
that great...I am fighting
with the camera and the camera is winning!

Red is THE hardest to photograph!

Maybe i should make everything in blk and white!!!
Ah..no that isn't very Weezi-like is it?

I am into yellow skulls these days too...

..and of course polka dots.

RE-worked denim skirts are
always a crowd pleaser!

(again please forgive the pics)

Size 34 waist.
A leopard flower with red outline.
Luv it.

And a mini with red skull and leopard outline.

The trim at the bottom is a red cotton with
mini white polka dots.

That is all for now..
have a great Wednesday Pussycats!

Drink lots of "fluids"!!!!
luv weezi xo