Does This Cream Make My Pores Look Smaller or Does This Dress Make Me Look Taller??? ;)

Helllu Pussycats!

How are you out there?? *waves*
Today I am going to talk a wee bit about another beauty product
that I have been using in an effort to help clear up my face and keep it that way.

For those of you that have just found me, I have been searching out and using products
that have little or no chemicals in them. Chemicals certainly haven't brought me any relief in 
over 20 years of acne troubles so I have decided to be brave and give them up.
Since the fall of 2012 I have using natural and homemade products 
and have to say, I am seeing some results.
There are no easy answers or magical cures when it comes to acne but it is always nice
to see some positive changes and results that seem to have lasting effects.
In an effort to go with less chemicals I have also decided to go with products
that do not test on animals. At the end of the day, I would rather have acne and 
breakouts then have the suffering and agony of helpless animals on my conscious.
I want to look nice but not at the cost of innocence.

One company that I have found recently that is both cruelty free and not big
on harsh chemicals is Pur Minerals and so far I have liked everything that I have tried.

I have written a post about their Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation
that I really like you can find here that review here.
I also wrote about their Green Redness Reducer Primer
which I also liked and you can find that review here as well.

Today I am going to talk about Pur Minerals See No More Pore Minimizer.

I will be honest and tell you that I bought this on a whim.
I had just watched a video about how to minimize pores with the use of
 loose powder and brushes. I was impressed by what I had watched and hadn't
really given too much thought about the size of my pores.
( this is the video I watched here)
I had enough to worry about with the size my acne cysts at the time.
However, I was feeling a bit insecure that day and when I saw this I thought
"Well, maybe this will be easier then all that work with the brush and powder
foundation". I thought smaller pores might mean less acne.
It is never surprising to me what kind of dialogue I will have in my own head
trying to figure out a way to defeat my acne.....never.
I should have known that I didn't really NEED this but it was a vulnerable day.

The sales girl ( not my regular one) told me it was great for
"smoothing" out my skin allowing for better coverage of concealer and
foundation. Who was I argue at the time?

I tried it and let me say right away that like all the other Pur Minerals
products I have used, it did not make me break out. It was safe on my skin.
It was light and smooth, greasy or weird at all.

Did it make my pores smaller??? Ummm...Not really.
Did I look different in the mirror? No.
Did my BFF notice a difference as I sashayed my face right in front of her? No.
(I didn't ask my hubby b/c he couldn't tell the difference and always tells me
that I am just fine the way I am...bless him :)

I tried it a few times when I was going to be wearing a lot of make up.
I put it on after my moisturizer and then loaded my face up with foundation.
No one came running up to me squealing w delight about how small my
pores looked. I didn't win any "small pore" awards ;)
Hahaha! I can't help but bit a bit saucy about this.

I can't say I don't like it but I in the end I think the issue is that I don't "get " it.
I feel like it should have a definitive conclusion just like when someone asks:
"Does this dress make me look taller??" or "Do these jeans make me look skinnier??"
Yes to the dress and jeans....not sure about the pore minimizer.
Maybe a professional can explain it to me better.
I will use it up but I don't think I will purchase this or any other
pore minimizer again until I do understand it better

Hope this posts helps!!
take care, Luv Weezi xo

( please note: I paid for this product, it was not given to me. I am not in any 
way affiliated with Pur Minerals. I am offering up my own opinion based on my
 personal experience. )

PS-In Canada, I got this at Shopper's Drug Mart.
I like to buy products from them when I am first trying something out
 b/c they have such a great return policy.