Shortening a Long Denim Skirt

Hellllu Pussycats!

I have been wanting a short, full denim skirt for
awhile now. I am not a huge denim fan as a rule
but I find in the summer that a little denim skirt
can be super versatile and comfortable.
It is a nice option especially if the denim
isn't too heavy.
A nice denim skirt can super flirty with sandals
and flip flops or go punk with some army boots
or floral Dr. Martens---> I got these ;)

Dark denim can provide a fun retro look with wedge
shoes, kitten heels or even saddle shoes.
When it comes to full skirts, denim is a must have :)

As per usual, I hit up the thrift store to what gems I could
find in the denim section.
I came across this wonderful button front skirt :)
Lots of pleats, elastic back & side pockets.
Except for the obvious. That it is a super duper long
skirt and not at all the sassy little short number I was coveting.
Hence this post! Shortening a long denim skirt :)

#1. & 2. Awww yeah...not a great look for me. 
However, It does fit well in the waist and is very comfortable.

#3. You will notice that I marked with a pin 
just at my knee where I want to cut to shorten.
This spot includes a one inch hem allowance.
ALWAYS remember the hem allowance or you are going 
to be pretty annoyed if it ends up too short.
It never hurts to double check that you have the pin 
exactly at the length you want it.

#4. I folded the skirt in half and lined up the hem of the skirt
all the way around. This is not technically the proper way to
start a hem and it could get you kicked out of fashion school.
But, for the sake of  making it easier for
you and less complicated I say we go with it.
Besides, I will not be marking your work ;)
Just make sure you fold the skirt in half at the center back,
 line up the hem line and the waistline. Smooth it out.
Next, mark where your pin is with chalk remembering that you
have your 1" hem allowance accounted for.
Measure from your chalk line down. (mine was 12").

#5.You are going to measure up that amount up from
 the hem along the edge of your skirt with the chalk.

#6. Cut along that line starting at the back
keeping your skirt flat and smooth.

#7. You need to either zigzag or serge or use pinking shears along
your raw edge to keep the hem from fraying.
Anyone of those will help keep your raw edges from
going crazy and making a mess in the wash.
When you start to pin your hem up, place one
 pin at the side seam and another at the center back.
Next place a pin in the middle of those. This will help
keep your curve nice and even. You won't end up
pushing fabric out of place. This isn't such a big deal with
denim but can be with loosely woven and stretchy fabrics.
Pin your skirt 1" all the way around.

#8. Turn up the hem 1 1/4" at the center front.
When you have a kick pleat or a button front
like this skirt, you want the front
 to be a wee bit longer then the back.
About an 1/8" or a 1/4" is perfect.
If the back longs longer then the front
it looks messy.

#9. Lay the fronts over each other and double check that
the top lays a wee bit longer then the under
one before stitching. Easier to double check then
it is to pick out stitches because your fronts are uneven.

#10. Give it a good pressing.

#11 & #12. Stitch w matching thread or a colour close
 to the original contrast colour. Use a long stitch length with denim.
You don't need a small stitch to hold the fabric. A longer
stitch looks more professional on denim especially if using a
contrast thread colour.
Back stitch well at each end.

I decided to pair it with my pink roses rain boots
when I wore it out for the first time.
I was thrilled with its transformation :)

I am happy to help if you have any questions.
Feel free to email me at
if you need any help with hemming a skirt.

Take care Pussycats!
Luv Weezi xo