3 Dots

Cool Jewelry & Warm Neck Warmers
Hellu Puusycats!
Happy Friday!
I have written about 3 Dots before, but I really do enjoy her work.
She makes the most interesting pieces of jewelry.

These are great!!
You can check out her 3 Dots Etsy store and have a look at all the brilliant pieces she has.
She is in Quebec and there still might to time to get something shipped before Christmas
I think the Canadian cut off date is Dec. 13th
If you go by her shoppe tell her Weezi sent you.

Ok, Anyone who has been into the studio and seen the neck warmers has heard my story.
YES!- I  thought at the beginning that neck warmers were a silly idea.
I was so very wrong!! They make so much sense.
I had a light bulb moment when I was cleaning the fish tank
and my scarf ends dipped in the tank. Ewww.

 I am the converted. I crochet them and offer them to you....

One Size. In the studio now or in my Weezi Etsy store
Acrylic yarn. Very soft.

These really are a good idea especially when you don't want your scarf getting
in the "way" of what you are doing.
Never say never..I have said it 100 times.
Have a great night! Stay Warm!!!
Be in touch!!
Luv Weezi xo