Gok Wan Rules!
First , let me say that this post and many to come where inspired by
my own experince of trying to buy a pair of jeans.
I needed a reality check.

Ok..if any of you ladies out there don't know who Gok Wan is....you should.

He is the host of a fantastic show called
How To Look Good Naked on the WTN network.

He talks to women about their bodies and what they think is wrong
with their body. Then he shows them how to dress proper, explains
what looks good for their shape and why.
He talks w them about their self esteem and helps them to understand
that the world doesn't necessarily see them the way that they think.

The nice thing about about what Gok does that is different is that he spends time w the gals...
not just one week and then "poof" you are fixed forever.
One of the great things ( I think) is that during the course of the
show you getto see all kinds of women in their undies...
you get to see that we all have our flaws
and that we do indeed come in all shapes and sizes.
Cliche but TRUE!!!!

If you go to a gym or are involved in a gym like atmosphere
then you are privy to the reality of the human shape but if you
don't, you can feel isolated and trapped in your own body image.

I really enjoy how he explains fit and styles for different body shapes and
I want to post some of his clips from YOuTUBE to pass the word along.

Here is an interview w Gok Wan to get to know him...

and then part 2....

The clips on YouTube are just that...clips.
To get the full effect of what he does he need to watch the entire show.
But, the clips are helpful and inspiring.
I hope as I am posting more of theese of the next few weeks that you will
enjoy them as much as I do and come to like Gok Wan as much as I do.

Check this one out.....

This video is about pencil skirts and fuller figures. Brilliant.
I am working on pencil skirt this week for sizes

I checked the WTN and it looks like the are playing
How To Look Good Naked on Fridays at 1:30pm

Have a great Thursday!
Be in touch!

Luv Weezi xo

ps. they tried to do an American version w Carson Kressley from
Queer Eye and it bombed.
It was awful ..he didn't have it. There is only one Gok.