Ivy in a Tea Cup for Mother's Day
Hiddy Ho Pussycats!
I just wanted to put out this little email about the
"Ivy in a Tea Cup"for Mother's Day.
They are getting quite full and they look great.

This one is more traditional.

This one is in a MelMac tea cup.
A nice, inexpensive treat for Mum for Mother's Day on Sunday.

This one is getting a bit crazy!

This will drop over the sides and eventually there will be little red handing buds.
They tell me it is a called a "LipStick" plant.

We have one and it is really nice, easy to care for.

Maybe your Mum has a chihuahua.

We have some cute ones in different vases etc.

They range from $6.98 to $14.98each.
Drop by Pussycats if you see something you like.
I am here Friday 11:30-6:00
Saturday 11:30 -6:00 and
Sunday Noon until 4:00

Have a great day!!
Be in touch!

Luv Weezi xoxo

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Leslie said...

Your blog is great! All the pretty plants, i wish i could keep them alive.