Lamps of All Kinds!

Lamps of All Kinds!!!

Hiddy Ho Pussycats!!!!
It has been non stop over here.
Sewing, cutting, drilling and gluing and polishing.
This is what happens you combine all of those things....

Toaster Lamps!!!

How great for the funky kitchen??
Or, maybe for that avid camper or outdoors person....
A thermos lamp!

There's two.

Need a lamp with a little bit a "speed"???
Well then... the logical choice is a blender lamp.

Just press liquidfy and we have light.

All these fabulous lights are in the Weezi studio now.
Come by and check them out.
Or, email me for details. I am here all day.
There are some very cute new Rosetta Jackets in the studio too.

Warm fleece in a cute girly cut.

I did them from xs-large.
So Pussycats, that is all for this Monday.
Have a great afternoon!
Be in touch.

Luv Weezi xo