Suitcase Lamp w Picture Slide Shade

Suitcase Lamp w Picture Slide Shade
Hiddy Ho Pussycats!!!!
My BFF Katrina is a crafting genius I have to say.
Check out this suitcase lamp she made for the studio.

A very cool cosmetic suitcase is now a lamp that will sit on your
table, desk or bookcase.
And!- as if that wasn't enough she made a slide lampshade for it.
When you plug it in you can see the slide pictures quite nicely.
Pics are from Australia and Asia.
Katrina is very handy will a drill and some jump rings
there is no denying it!

The inside of the suitcase will be handy for hiding a few things like
candles or your secret stash of chocolate! ;)

This puppy will be hard to part with!! is for sale in the studio or could be shipped out to you.
It is light and wouldn't be too costly to ship.
The last suitcase table I sent out we used Grey Hound and it was very reasonable.
The bus system can be a great courier.
And! -it got there that afternoon.

Well Pussycats, I am making a few more bags this afternoon and then
it will be all about tees and skirts next week.

Be in touch!!!

Luv Weezi xoxoxoox

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Sheri said...

That lampshade turned out great!!!