HI Pussycats!
Anyone that knows me knows that i luv lingerie, especially full slips...vintage full slips.
I am currently working on dyeing slips some fantastic jewel tones for the fall.
I am luving the fact that i can ceate these deep, rich jewel tones.
I am a colour junky & am so happy the results so far.
I am so bored with finding only white, cream and black slips in the stores.
This is one of my initial dye lots. I was so happy with this "mossy-ish" olive green colour!!!!!
Tonight, i am going to try some purple colours.
I am also thinking about appliquing on little flowers and such on to the bottom of the slip.
So, as i am totally bummed about fall, the cooler temperatures and having to wear flannel to bed....i will console myslef with dying slips lovely shades for fall.
I will keep you posted on the purples...more to come!!!
Have a good one! Be in touch!! Luv Weezi xo

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Silky Slip said...


I too love slips in colors other then white or black.
Got to admit that all kinds of pink are my fav.