My New Found Love for Mineral Make Up

Helllu Pussycats!

Me again!! :)
 I would like to share yet another that I have been using in 
an effort to help clear up my face and keep it that way.

I have been using MACs Studio Fix forever.
I can hardly remember a time when I didn't use it.
Before that I used various drug store compact powders

that I applied obsessively to try and conceal my redness and blemishes.
Emotionally, I can handle the embarrassment of breakouts if I can successfully
conceal them no matter how "caked on" the concealer looks.
I thought I would be judged less if  my face wasn't so red and obvious. 
Weird and overdone concealer seemed more socially acceptable then the acne.
The Studio Fix was amazing because it covered so well and the coverage lasted.
I couldn't imagine my life without it. It was THE lifeline in my acne arsenal.

One day I had  a "pang" of insecurity when I considered that fact that
the Studio Fix may be contributing to my acne. I shook it off. No way it could be true.

Then one day a trusted friend asked me if I had ever tried

a make up called Avene High Protection I said no, I was a die hard Studio Fix gal.
She told me all about her success with this compact and using a mineral base
 product had made a huge difference in her skin and this one was especially 
good b/c of the high SPF which is 50. I was intrigued but apprehensive. 
I tried the Avene High Protection and luved it. 
You can read my post here about how much I liked it.

This was the beginning of my ability to open up my mind to new

products regarding my make up kit. I didn't have crazy breakouts, 
my face didn't fall off when I used Avene High Protection.
---> ( I tend to get a wee bit dramatic about these things)

I was very lucky and didn't see any bad side effects at all.
Who knew? Different didn't mean imminent failure. I survived!!!
( see above comment about being dramatic ;)

Sooooooo....I went back to the nice lady at Shopper's and

asked her about an mineral powder to work with the Avene High Protection.
She suggested the 4 in 1 Pressed mineral Make Up Foundation
by Pur Minerals. Hmmmm...I had success with their other products.
They had a starter kit that came with a brush and a blush so
I decided to try it. Again, Shopper's has a great return policy
and if my face did blow up I could at least get my money back 
to go and buy myself conciliatory drinks ;)

She explained how to use the brush and the importance of keeping it clean.

 This whole brush idea was new to me. I had only ever used the sponge that came 
with the compact. She also explained that the beauty of using this mineral make up
was just like using the Avene High Protection. The powder sits ON the face and doesn't
penetrate INTO the skin. This makes so much sense to me! Especially for problem skin. 
I had luck w Avene High Protection  so I decided to be brave yet again.

( Can I just mention that for those of us w bad skin trying something 

new on our faces can be like going a first date. It seems like a good idea, 
exciting, fun and new. But in reality, it is scary as hell! You have no
idea what you are gonna get, if it will work out and what the result
will be. You don't really know if the two sides can get along and if there
 will be baggage. New is terrifying b/c it can takes weeks to undo any 
damage that might be done. That is a fact. Bravery is required)

Long story long....I liked it. Not only did I like but I LUVED it. I didn't break out.

 It covered the redness and it wasn't too messy. It lasted a long time and 
was durable even while I was travelling in the UK with my Mum.  It has been the 
perfect companion to Avene High ProtectionI have been using this combo for 
4 months ( June to Sept.) and I haven't had  any ill effects. No breakouts, no dryness 
or redness.  My skin hasn't reacted badly.  If anything, it is better. 
The regular size compact on its own is about $32.00 plus tax

And, I haven't used my Studio Fix since I bought the Pur Mineral makeup.

I do feel like a bit of a traitor I have to confess. However, like many
relationships there comes a time to let go and move on. I am not closing 
the door on my old friend but I am OK with moving forward and trying new things ;)
( I have recently read that MAC cannot guarantee there is no animal
testing. They do not have a cruelty free status ;)

Until next time, hope everyone has a fabulous day!
I know it can be hard but try & remember that the acne
doesn't define you and most of all you aren't in this alone.

Take care, Luv Weezi xo

For those of you that have just found me, I have been searching out and using products
that have little or no chemicals in them. Chemicals certainly haven't brought me any relief in 
over 20 years of acne troubles so I have decided to be brave and give them up.
Since the fall of 2012 I have been using natural and homemade products 
and have to say, I am seeing some great results.
There are no easy answers or magical cures when it comes to acne but it is always nice
to see some positive changes and results that seem to have lasting effects.

I have long tried to use as many cruelty free products as possible.
These days cruelty free choices are endless, thankfully!! I have made it my personal
mission to use only cruelty free cosmetics as well as those with limited ingredients.
 At the end of the day, I would rather have acne and 
breakouts then have the suffering and agony of helpless animals on my conscious.
I want to look nice, but not at the cost of innocence.

( please note: I paid for this product, it was not given to me. I am not in any 
way affiliated with Pur Minerals. I am offering up my own opinion based on my
 personal experience. )

In Canada, I bought this make up at Shopper's Drug Mart.
I like to buy products from them when I am first trying something out
 b/c they have such a great return policy. It isn't cheap but it isn't too expensive either.
I felt it was worth the money for the quality of the product.
If you give it a go, I hope you find it helps you too.