Comfy Summer DIY Slips

Easy DIY Recycled Summer Slip

Hello Pussycats!

The other day I decided it was time to make a summer slip
for a couple of dresses that I had been meaning to get to for ages.

I had bought this adorable cotton summer tunic/dress last summer
and wore it mostly over skinny jeans.
It looked super cute but this year I wanted to wear it with tights during 
the warmer nights as sometimes jeans are just too hot.
My problem was that it was going to stick to my tights and 
sort of ride up looking messy and making me look frumpy.
Frumpy???? eeeeek! The horror!! ;)

I thought about a regular polyester slip, but for me I just can't wear polyester in the summer. 
I tried and I am always annoyed with myself for doing it.
Polyester just doesn't breathe when it's hot and I always end up a sweaty, icky mess. 
However, I needed the satin part of the slip to keep my dress hanging smooth so it doesn't ride up.
Time to problem solve!

I took one of my tank tops & lined up the shoulders of the dress w the straps of the tank.
I then decided that I wanted to tank top part of the slip to end roughly where my tights would sit at my waist. For me, that was approx. 15" from the shoulder.
 I added 1/2" seam allowance and then cut off the rest of the tank top.

I then measured from the bottom of the tank top to the hem of the dress. 
For this instance it was 13". I had an old slip that didn't fit right in my closet already 
so I decided to use it but you could also get one at a second hand shoppe. 
A little vintage half slip would be cute too as long as it is long enough :)
( plz note to choose a slip that has some fullness in the hip. If you pick one too tight it won't hang well and will be kind of uncomfortable)

Ok, so now I knew I needed the bottom part of my slip to be 12" long
plus 1/2" seam allowance. You want your slip to be at least 1" shorter then your 
dress so it doesn't hang past the dress hem.

Because my slip is bigger then the tank top I needed to divide both the tank top
and the slip bottom into quarters so I could distribute the fullness evenly.
I divided each piece into quarters by lining up the side seams 
together and then folding the garments in half, lining up the center fronts
 and center backs. I pinned the center front to the tank
top to the center front of the slip, the centers back together and side seams with
right sides together. I then pinned evenly around.

Next I basted the pieces together and then I removed my pins. Lastly I serged /overcast
 my seams. If you don't have a serger I suggest you use a small-ish zig zag 
stitch with a needle meant for knits. I would zig zag your seam pulling the fabric a wee bit  as you sew so the stitches don't get tight and pull out when you try your slip on.
I would then go back and using a larger stitch length zig zag over
 the raw edge to get it from fraying.
Then, VOILA! You have a very comfy, functional summer slip :)

I hung my new creation over the dress to double check that I got the length right.
And, I was kind of on a roll so I made another one for a vintage
Laura Ashely dress mix and matching some fun colours :)

This really is an easy DIY project for beginners and pros.
Just remember to go slow & always double check your measurements!!
Happy Sewing!

Chat soon! Luv Weezi xo