Washing a Vintage Doily


I luv doilies. Yep! They are pretty, they are functional
and they never went out of style at my house :)

According to Wikipedia:
Doiley was a 17th-century London draperwho made popular
 "a woolen stuff, 'at once cheap and genteel,' introduced 
for summer wear in the latter part of the 17th c. At the time, it was 
used as an adjective, as in "doily stuffs" or "doily suit." Later, usage 
shifted to refer to "a small ornamental napkin used at 
dessert," known as a "doily-napkin.
They really can save your surfaces and help to control & collect dust, crumbs etc.
Helps that I enjoy a sort of cottage/granny look as well.
I guess the whole doily idea doesn't do well in a modern 
minimalist home ;)

Eventually they need to be washed bc after all, their
function is to get dirty. This poor doily did its job and then some!
I had it in the front window at the old apartment and it was a mess.

We used to live on a very busy street w really bad windows so there was dust
and dirt everywhere. I didn't know if it would come clean or not.

I mixed together a small amount of Biz & hot water  and let it soak for 2 days
changing the water periodically.
I didn't add oxy-clean bc I wasn't sure if it would take out some of the colour.
I find BIZ safe to use on vintage linens & things but
unfortunately we can't get BIZ here in Canada so I load up
when we go across the border. If you can't get your hands on some Biz then I would
suggest Borax and Woolite.

Once it was done soaking I rinsed and squeezed thoroughly but carefully so
not to stretch it out.  I rolled it up in a towel a few times to remove
 the excess water and laid it flat to dry.

It came out really nice! I am really pleased that
all that dirt and grime was washed away.

Ok, off to the next task at hand...washing and soaking my winter
 coat and getting all our woollies ready for the "looming" winter ;)

Chat soon!! Luv Weezi xo