High Tea with Mum

Last Thursday my Mum and I went out for
high tea to celebrate our trip to the UK one year ago.
We went on a bus trip to the UK together last year for 
2 weeks and Sept. 25th was the day we came home.
We had the trip of a lifetime but never had
the chance to enjoy high tea.
Horrible to be in England and not have high tea but
we really just didn't get a chance to try it.
So, my Mum decided why not here???

We went to Dishington's Tearoom in Lambeth and it was
delightful! It is a quaint little place with a fabulous lunch 
menu and many teas to choose from.
If you are looking for high tea, best to make a reservation as
they are quite busy most afternoons.

We had our choice of tea but the "menu" of little sandwiches
and treats is set for you. Everything is handmade there.
You each get a wee pot of tea with a pretty little cosy.

Lovely little sandwiches with cucumber & cream cheese, 
egg salad & roasted red pepper cream cheese all crustless
of course!
Next are little tarts and treats with berries and lastly 
homemade scones with fresh cream and jam.
If you are a fan and want to have a British "fix"
I highly recommend :)

After tea we scooted up the road to Canadale's Nursery near St. Thomas.
You know....just "to look" Hahahah!! Does anyone ever just go and
look in a nursery??? No. Can't be done ;)
Everything was stunning! 

I heard a rumor once that it is bad luck to go to a nursery 
and leave empty handed so being one to always avoid bad
luck, I bought two plants.
I wasn't taking any chances ;) hahahah!
I bought a hardy Hibiscus and a long blooming Hydrangea.
Can't wait to see what both will do next spring!!

It was a great day! Fun to reminisce about our trip
and wonderful to support two local businesses.
Can't ask for more then that on a gorgeous September afternoon :)

Chat Soon!! Luv Weezi xo

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Anonymous said...

I just love reading your blog posts! This one makes me think of me and my mum, it was her birthday 20th September and we plan on going for a high tea also! (i gave her a I.O.U as work is busy now its spring its hard to find the time) i hope we have as much fun as you and your mum had! :)