Enjoying Halloween Again!


Normally I am not excited by Halloween.
Living downtown during Halloween meant nothing but
sad parades of young women in ridiculously ridiculous
"sexy" costumes, binge drinking that starts at 8:00am.
Fighting, screaming, vandalism and everything BUT a 
fun and spooky Halloween celebration.
I always preyed for rain & snow and locked the door.
The Halloween equivalent of "Bah Humbug".

Now however...we live in a lovely neighbourhood where Halloween will be fun!
I can't wait! I am super excited to have kids come to the door,
and check out all their costumes and hear the delightful 
calls of  "Trick or Treat"!

I  have been getting right into the swing of things
over here with a few decorations and even did up a Halloween mantle :)
This is what I have been up to....

I wanted a sort of vintage feel for my Halloween  mantel ( no big shocker there!)
After purooozing some discount & thrift shoppes I decided it would have
a sort of Edwardian meets Edgar Allan Poe feel to it.

Just about everything I have used came from the thrift store.
I found the girl statue & spray painted her black.
The frames and all the glassware came from the 2nd hand shoppes too.
I printed off the photo of the gal and put her in the bottle.
It was a bit tricky but w some tweezers & a bit of swearing I
manged to get her situated in there ok ;)

I was out shopping w my Mum last week and it took me forever to 
find tiny little black spiders. Who knew!? 
I thought they would be super easy to find but not so.
Anyhow...I managed to find a bag full of them and may have
gone a wee bit over board in the spider department ;)
I was originally going to use black candles but in the end stayed
with the cream bc you couldn't really see the black against 
our purple walls.

I was also very happy w my acquisition of little rubber mice and tiny skulls.
I think they added a nice creepy touch to top it all off :)

The headless lady was the final and last perfect touch :)
(who knew I would find a headless lady at rummage sale
for 50 cents 3 days before Halloween?? Amazing!)

I also printed and cut out a few extra bats & witches that I strategically placed
in the plants around the living room :)

LUV these fabulous black mice cutouts!
( they may get little Santa hats for Christmas ;)

And lastly....I had to have at least one creepy thing on the front porch...

The dead Mums are the perfect finishing touch ;)

Happy 4 days before Halloween everyone!
Chat soon, luv Weezi xo

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Andrea Ostapovitch said...

So happy you can enjoy Halloween again! I am so in tune with how you've decorated. Love it!