Fall Cleaning Note Book

Making a Note Book to get Organized for Fall Cleaning
( Code for: A Good Way to Use Up Craft Supplies so I Can Buy More ;)


Little known fact about me I LUV lists.
I mean, I super duper triple luv lists.
I make loads of to-do lists and the only thing I like
more then starting a new list, is compiling my many lists.
Nothing makes me happier that crossing off 
even the smallest task on my to-do list.
Daily lists keep me on track and help me  stay well sorted.

Having said that, it should be no surprise that another
one of my guilty pleasures is making binders
or notebooks to compile my many lists.
Ya, I am a bit compulsive that way ;)

Over the weekend I made my Fall Cleaning note book.
I thought I would share w you bc it is easy and fun and
an organized gal can never have too many notebooks.

Please note: I have a binder machine as used to make many
recycled notebooks in my old shoppe. I realize that having a
binding machine is the exception. I checked around and
many print & copy places will bind a note book for you.
In Canada Staples offers it for sure and many Mom & Pop
places do too.
You could also use binder rings and do something like this:

All you need is a three hole punch and you are good to go :)

One of my other obsessions is Britain and just about 
everything British. That is a topic for another day
 but suffice to say it is again no big surprise
that I picked up an LP w double decker buses to use as my cover.
Recycling old LP album covers is a fun,
cheap and relatively sturdy way to make a very 
interesting cover for your note books.

Ok! Here we go.....

I tried to use whatever paper and supplies I already
 had on hand to keep it a wee bit cheaper and I really
do need to use up some of my decorative paper.
You see, once I use up what I have....I get to buy more :)
Let's face it, that is the cycle of life!
However, it starts to look bad and mildly obsessive 
if you ( I )  keep buying decorative paper
and never actually use any of it.
This also stands true for yarn, fabric and 
most crafty bits in general.
Best to look like you are indeed making your way
thru your stash and not just adding to it.
Easier to defend future purchases that way :)

I cut the album cover to fit the paper and also made dividers
with my decorative paper for my daily, weekly etc. sections.
I have daily, weekly & monthly/seasonal cleaning chart 
print outs that I had found and printed off from various 
online sources. Very handy and saved me loads of time.

I like to use blank pink printer paper in many of my notebooks 
( prettier then just plain white, I think)
so I added some of that for making notes and taping in
cut outs, articles from magazines etc.

The back section was a mish mash of other online 
resources and tips that I have printed out of the
past few weeks. Sort of like a very small reference library.

I added a file folder to the front so I clip on a monthly calender
that I can replace month to month.
This way I have little reminders and notes right at the front.

Ta-da! Everything is in order!
I am very happy with how it turned out.
And you know I will be very happy to cross
"make cleaning note book" off my list ;)

Unfortunately, the fun crafty bit
is over and now the hard part of actually buckling
down and getting all the cleaning done is in order.
Wish me luck!!

Give it a go for yourself esp. if you as a fan
of making lists and note books as I am :)

Chat Soon! Luv Weezi xo

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Margarita Bloom said...

I LOVE everything British so that cover is awesome. You're so crafty! I don't think I've ever made my own notebook. So cool!

♡ Regina ♡
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