New Weezi Apron Design

Hellllu !!

I haven't done much sewing since we moved in April.
Since we moved I have been focused on getting unpacked, 
organized & trying to figure out what my Plan B will be. 
It has been a fun time but also a bit confusing and overwhelming..
All of a sudden I am starting from scratch again.
The schedule & routine that I have been following
for the past 7 years had suddenly disappeared.
Daunting to say the least!

The good news is that for the first time since we moved I
 felt the need this weekend to make something. Hallelujah!!
I have to admit I was relieved to feel that old familiar urge.
Not that I thought I would ever sew again but my confidence 
took a bit of a blow when I had to close the Weezi studio and I 
wasn't sure what direction I was heading into per say.
I was/am in an unexpected "funk" and a having a small
crisis of confidence. I don't deal well w change ;)

A few weeks ago I had picked up some gorgeous cottons to help
inspire my creativity and after admiring these lovely pieces of fabric
for awhile, I thankfully had the need to make up some aprons.
( fellow fabric lovers will understand the great pleasure the comes
 from just looking at & feeling gorgeous quality fabrics ;)

Finally! I was ready to get something brewing! New house, new studio 
and new direction meant I also needed a new design to sew up!
It isn't rocket science I know, but I wanted to make up 
some aprons that had a different look. 

I decided that I wanted my new apron to have some more fullness and look a bit
 more feminine then what I had been making before.
I was happy with the first try overall except that I didn't like that the bib didn't
reach all around to the back. I also thought the bib was a bit too wide.
Other then that...It was looking good :)

I just needed to make a couple few revisions & adjustments, add the band to the hem
and it was done. I am very happy with it and can't wait to get a bunch sewn up
and listed. Hurrah for inspiration!

Thanx for popping in!!
Chat soon, Luv Weezi xo