The Albert St. Weezi Studio is Closing March 30th

Hello Pussycats!

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that the Weezi studio
on Albert St. will be closing its doors for good on March the 30th.
Unfortunately, there are many reasons why the studio must close
but the foremost reason is that Milos & I are moving out of
our current location. It is time for us to move forward and 
leave Richmond Row behind.
I am thrilled to bits to be moving to a quiet and tranquil little home
away from all the craziness down here but I am also very
sad that it means I will be closing the studio.

So, that is the bad news.
The good news is that Weezi will continue business as per usual online
thru my Etsy shoppe and my .com
 I am not closing down Weezi as an entity, 

I am just closing the current studio location.

For my local Pussycats, you can still purchase 
 some Weezi goodies at the Bag Lady located at 474 Pall Mall St.
 as well 
as in the vintage vending machine at Pub Milos.
You can shoppe online and we can easily arrange for us to
meet and you can pick up your purchase in person.

The last day in the Albert St. studio will be
Sunday March 30th from noon until 4:00pm.

I will continue on with my sale 30% off of all Weezi dresses & skirts
for the month of March.

We will still be able to easily communicate and you can
find updates & get in touch with me

thru FaceBookemailTwittermy blog and thru these newsletters.
When it is all said and done, I am not leaving I am just evolving
and carrying on businesses in a new way.
Retail is changing. How we shop is changing and it is prudent
that I am able to be flexible and change with the times.

Lastly, I would like to thank you all for your support,
kind words and patronage 
over the years here on Albert St.
It has been a wonderful 
 journey and I couldn't be happier
to have known and spent time

with all of you who have come up and supported me.
I truly hope that I will be able to see you again after I have
moved and we can continue to
"fight the good handmade & local fight" together.

Hugs to you all!!! Luv Weezi xo

I have listed my hours for March on the calendar below.
I will be closed Monday-Wednesday.
Open Thursday-Sunday Noon til 5:30 for March however
I will be closed Sunday March the 2nd.

PS- If you have any questions, please feel to email me:


Julie TerVrugt said...

Sad to hear...I love coming into your store to chat and browse through your awesome of luck with your new endeavours! See you before the 30th..:)

xiaosi90 said...

I also like the handmade clothes, especially the vintage and elegant dresses. I visited you etsy shop, and you products are cute. I would like to use your product to go with my tea length dress,it must beautiful.