UK Inspiration

Helllu Pussycats!

Last Wednesday I came back home from a two week bus trip to
 England, Scotland and Wales with my Mum.
 It was quite a whirlwind trip I have to say!
I saw soooo much and came home very inspired.
I was immediately enamoured by the scenery, the quaint villages,
all the lovely people I met and of course the history. Oh...the history!
What it would have been like to be a dressmaker in the 1500s?
Or in the 1700s? Or maybe be employed to make dresses for all the Bennet sisters???
I was truly energized by it all as a gal who sews AND as a gal
who luvs history and historical dress. I think next time I
go I need for no less than 6 months...perhaps a sabbatical ;)

We do not have Cath Kidston here in Canada and getting to her
shoppes was a small pilgrimage for me. We managed to go to
six of her stores while we were there and oh how happy I was!
I fell madly in luv with the wonderful florals at Cath Kidston. 
The sales girls all looked amazing in their floral dresses, coloured tights
 and oxfords. I renewed my passion for wellies, bulky sweaters, plaid
and trench coats.

I will be using  all these amazing influences in my various creations
and sewing in the coming weeks :)

Have a wonderful weekend Pussycats!!
Luv Weezi xo