Fabulous Loot I Brought Home from the UK

Hellluuuuuuu Pussycats!

I am not a big fan of travelling light.
I know there are lots of people who do like to carry a small
bag and take only the necessities and I realize that part of it is, how
you are travelling. If you are backpacking around Europe and have to carry
everything with you every day...then yes, light is better.
However, I am definitely not backpacking! hahahah! 

My philosophy has always been, "if it fits"...it goes :)
When Milos and I go to Prague to visit his Mum, it is just a matter
of getting the suitcases to the airport. We may have to pick them up
and move them from airline to airline but all in all my luggage
issues are over once I check them in.
Then, they started cutting down on how much they could weigh. Bummer.
This kinda put a kind of "kibosh" on "if it fits it goes!" 
Here is my thing...when we go away it is my chance to kind of dress up
and have fun with my clothes. I get to plan outfits, match shoes, accessories etc.
I work in my own little factory here at home and don't get out much,
so you see, this is why I like to take a lot with me. For fun!
To dress up and feel like I actually know what I am doing w my own wardrobe. 
I dress you guys up...when we travel, is my time to have fun with clothes.

So, when my Mum and I went on our UK bus trip in September
I knew I would have a packing dilemma and let's be honest here, a mother
daughter trip means shopping and lots of it :)
I knew I needed to take comfy and practical clothes and I also knew that I needed
room to bring home all the loot I wanted to buy, especially at Cath Kidston.
Solution??? Take things with you that can be left behind thus creating room
for new stuff along the way :)
Yep! In preparation I shopped at thrift stores and bought cheap and comfy
clothes that I knew I would leave behind as the trip went along.
It worked like a charm! I came home with fun souvenirs that I was thrilled
with and we were both under the allotted weight allowed! Hurrah!
I don't know how we did it but we didn't have to pay any overages :)
My suit case coming home looked completely different inside then when I went!
I left behind, pants and jeans, a coat, old sneakers, tee shirts and sweaters.
I threw out all my underwear, socks and washcloths  as we went b/c I just took the old
stuff that didn't need to come home with me.
I highly recommend this system :) 

Here are a few things that I picked up along our trip.
I tried to find/support handmade and local as much as I could.
Because we stopped in a lot of small villages supporting local was easy.
Finding handmade was a bit of a trick I have to admit. I picked up many a
wool sweater drooling over the details only to find it was made in China.

It was disappointing to say the least and yet another reminder of how
"global" everything is and even that gorgeous Shetland sweater is being shipped in.
I want a Scottish Shetland sweater made in Scotland by a lovely Scottish lady. 
I can get Chinese made sweaters at home. * sigh*
 It is SO important to support what small biz you can especially while on vacation.

Okay how perfect is this? My two favourite things!
A kitty  wearing cats eye glasses. I HAD to get them!
They are from a UK based company called Louche. I found them in Stratford-upon-Avon UK.

**I found this amazing kitty ice cube tray at The Cat Gallery in York UK.
**This amazing print of a very cute kitty is by Alex Clark

**I could not come home w out a waving Queen! How great is she??? 
Bought her at Pylones in Chester UK. This shoppe is so much fun! 

**I could have spent a small fortune in the gift shoppe at the Tower of London.
If there was no weight allowance on the suitcase, it would have been full of books and trinkets.
I showed restraint but I did get these coasters of The Wives of Henry the 8th.
I am going to frame them or do something else w them  b/c they are paper thin and won't last as coasters.

**It isn't a trip to London until you bought an outrageously expensive pen at Harrods ;)
  Hahahah! It was only $10.00 

**The little blue watch was adorable and has a magnetic band. My Mum and I both
got one at Paper Chase in Chester, along with many other things ;)

**Like Harrods, I had to hut up a Boots for some lovely Yardley perfume :)
I luv this stuff no matter if some "people" think it smells like old lady!
**The Miss Dior purchase was made at Heathrow. I always succumb to duty free perfume.

**I found this gorgeous ring in the quaint village of  Grasmere where they make world famous
gingerbread with a very secret recipe.
Across from the gingerbread place,  was a gift shoppe selling jewelry from a local gal
who made sterling silver pieces with wee flowers. I fell for this
ring immediately! So pretty and I can wear it w everything.
The name of her company is Alvear ( cannot find her web site sorry!) 

**Mum and I found this great place called Heather Gems in Pitlochry Scotland.
 They make jewelry from heather stems. So pretty!!
We were lucky enough to shop at the little factory in its home town. I picked up a lovely
thistle brooch and a pretty bracelet that actually fits my tiny wrist and doesn't fall off.

**The scarf came the The Cat Gallery in York, where I got the ice cube tray .
AND! then of course I found these lovely hand warmers from Ness in Edinburgh.
The scarf  matched perfectly so I couldn't resist ;)

So, there you have it. Those are some of the gems I brought home w me.
I think I did pretty good ;)

Take care Pussycats!
Luv Weezi xo