The Week in Review--> June 14th

Hellllu Pussycats!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!
Here is my Weezi weekly roundup review :)

During the last week I tided up some loose ends so I could
start working on new projects.
I also added some new goodies to the studio that I will
be adding online this week coming :)

1. I dug out my old typewriter for some posting fun :)
2. New corn flower blue bud earrings made by me
3. New flower hair combs I made up for the summer
4. The old dress form I covered with polka dot
 fabric makes a great display for my lockets 
5. Fabulous need cold press soap: 
Lemon Poppy Seed and Lilacs and Lilies
( smells sooooo good!)
6. I made up a couple potholder kitchen mats
( tutorial coming soon!)
7. Cute little lunch/market bags made from fun table cloth plastic :)