Recycled Necklace Holder


Today's post is a wee recycle DIY project.

My Mum bought this little floral wall plaque
 a while ago to try and hide an ugly spot on her wall.
It wasn't the right size but we couldn't bare to
toss it b/c it was so pretty. I knew it would come
in handy one day ;)
( story of my life and why my place is full of stuff
 that will come in handy one day, but that 
is post for another day! Hahahahah! )

I have been in need of something to hang some
of my vintage necklaces on for awhile and I hadn't come
 across anything that I thought was really interesting.
Then it came to me,  I knew I had just the thing I needed.
The floral wall plaque!
We turned it on its side, added little tea cup hooks to it and some
 hooks to hang it and Voila!! Perfect :)

It worked like a charm and looks great!

 And of course, me being me...I had to add some flowers to it :)

You just never know when you can recycle that pretty
little "nothing" into something functional and give it new life.

If you are in need of an advocate for hanging on to a few things
you don't really know what you might do with...
I'm your girl! I am a big fan of hanging onto those
key pieces that you really like and know will come in handy.
Sometimes a few weeks and patience for inspiration is all you
need to repurpose those great scores :)

Happy decorating Pussycats! 
Luv Weezi xo