Things I Bought in the Czech

Helllu Pussyctas!

Milos and I got back last week from our trip
to Prague to visit his Mum. It was a lovely time!
We went on a road trip, drank lots of great Czech beer
and ate lots of great czech food.
Whenever we get back friends alway ask 
"What did you bring back???" Fair question ;)

I look for things that will come home with me and bring a 
sense of Czech culture and history. I also like to find fun
 things that are little treats like lipstick from a line 
we don't have here or pretty accessories. I look for 
a cultural souvenir that has a story. It doesn't have to be
a crazy indepth story, just a story :)
Over the years I have brought home works from all kinds of local artists,
historical Czech books, prints, vintage household goodies and postcards.
I also like to buy shoes.....very much!

I don't often buy clothing in the Czech because
( like at home) most things don't fit well and there aren't
many vintage clothing shops there like we have at home.
It seems that a byproduct from being under communist 
control for so long is that there isn't much 
clothing left over from those eras.
I do see a lot of fabulous vintage trinkets, jewellery, 
accessories and housewares/collectables, yes.
But, I don't see much in the way of vintage clothing.
Women didn't buy and over consume clothing.
They wore it until it was worn out. 
A very different way of life and indeed another
blog post for another day.

Did I mention that one of my favourite things to 
shop for in the Czech are shoes??? hahaha! Yep! :)

I have very small feet and when I find something that actually 
fits and looks, I take it as a "sign" that the shoes and I were meant to be ;)
I luv European shoes and always find at least one pair to being home w me.

I luv these little round croutons for soups and salads and 
always get a few packages to bring home.
The little mole Krtek is a beloved Czech cartoon icon that was
develop in the 1950s and whom I find irresistible!

Cesky Krumlov is a stunning little picturesque town. If you get a chance, go!
I also found beautiful Czech crystal perfume bottle.

I came across some interesting blooming tea. I am looking forward to seeing how it blooms.
I have been looking everywhere for adorable floral socks....everywhere!
I mean ALL over the internet and finally I find a Prague ;)

Reproduction of a vintage Becherovka sign that we found at a 
great little shop in Cesky Krumlov.
Becherovka is a Czech herbal bitter and an acquired taste ;)
I found the Dinosaurs at the grocery store and they asked in
broken English if they could come to Canada :)

Reproduction of a vintage Budvar sign that we got at Muzeum Obchodu in Cesky Krumlov.
 How cute is she?
I think I found some fun things to add to my souvenir collection and
I hope you enjoyed having a peek :)

Have a great afternoon Pussycats!! 
Luv Weezi xo