Summer Heat + Thighs = Uncomfortable

Hellllu Pussycats!

Right out of the gate I am gonna say it...
I have big thighs.
Big, round, jiggly, sumo wrestler, eastern European gymnast looking,
 heavy duty, walnut cracking, ham hocks.

No thigh gap here. 
For the majority of my life my thighs stuck out further
 than anything else on my body.
I should have been a gymnast born in  Russia circa 1939.
 I could have done well ;)

As a kid I HATED them.
I would have killed to be tiny all over like Valerie Bertinelli.
(dating myself here)

 I was a tomboy and didn't really want to be a princess
 like Marcia Brady but I did want to be like 
Kristy McNichol or Tatum O'Neal.
Those girls were the best!

 Spunky, fun, tomboy types who seemed down to earth and real.
Boys liked them and they weren't fussy
"Barbie" types with loads of makeup wearing short skirts.
They seem kinda like me but of course they had tiny thin thighs.
As a kid I didn't see my thighs reflected much around me
 in the media. All the magazines, TV shows and movies
were full of tiny thighed models & starlets.
I remember being bummed out by it and honestly
quite confused. I couldn't understand why all the girls
looked the same and none of them looked
like me. It didn't make sense to me that there
wasn't one girl with thighs bigger then her calves in
an entire Seventeen magazine.
Very sad how much hasn't changed...but that
is a whole other blog post/doctorate.

Thankfully, in my early teens I was just obsessed with
sports as I was with fashion.  I was lucky to discover that
I was good at a few sports where big thighs
were actually an asset. Hurrah!
It really was a saving grace for me.
I could embrace my Tomboy thighs, have fun
and feel good about myself. ( much as any teenage
 girl can  feel good about herself. ) The friendship & confidence
I found thru sports and my teammates really got me
thru my formative years. I wasn't a fabulous athlete but
I found a place where I belonged, I saw my body image
 reflected and it was embraced by the grown ups around us.
I really was lucky.

As an adult, I do have a healthy body image
and don't lament THAT much about my thighs.
Although, I  HATE shopping for jeans.
Jeeze Louise I hate shopping for jeans!
Sometimes, I see an ad and have a small moment of crisis and
 wish that I might wake up one day
with thin thighs, but I also wish I could travel back in time ;)

Truth is I am healthy, my legs are strong and I can add
some wiggle in my walk that thin thighed gals just can't.
 All the Pilates in the world can't give me thin waif like thighs. 
I have bigger things to worry about then my
 thighs.....except in the summer. The summer brings
on its own set of concerns re: bigger thighs.
Thighs rubbing together in the summer heat is 
can be excruciating :(

Listen, I luv the hell out of summer! Oh Lordy, I really do!!
 But, I hate how my thighs rub together. 
So annoying, so hot, so sticky and oh so frustrating.
I don't like shorts very much.  I think shorts make me look 
shorter than I am and  I don't want my thighs 
squishing out all over the short hem. Ick.

Sooooo, as I worked my way thru a few alterations this week
I was lamenting to myself about the ongoing heat and friction and
then I had a light bulb moment.....Culottes!
Yes! Culottes! Why didn't I think of this sooner!! 
A skirt that masquerades as shorts.Brilliant!!! 

I set off immediately to find a pattern in my vintage stash
to use as a template. Bingo! Got it :) 

I went with the McCalls one b/c I wanted a pair that looked 
like a full gathered (flowy) skirt.

I made a bunch of pattern adjustments and did a few
fittings on myself before I had a finished 
project that I was happy with.

I will post my pattern making and fitting journey over the weekend.
Things turned out really well, so please come
back tomorrow for the rest of the saga ;)

Have a great afternoon!
Luv Weezi xo


Anonymous said...

Oh I can totally relate to this post! I will let you in on my secret - body glide anti chafe balm. I'm not sure where you can get it here, but I purchased it in the states. It comes in a deodorant like bar that you apply to your inner thighs. It's designed for runners (you may have seen Michael Cera's character in Juno using something similar), but it is awesome! Makes wearing skirts comfortable again. I also have gotten slips that are like shorts that I wear under skirts too. Hope my tips are helpful when you are in the mood for skirt wearin' :)

Lisa Weezi Gaverluk said...

Thanx so much for the tips! Those are wonderful! Will look for it online this weekend :)
I really appreciate you writing and sharing.
all the best, Lisa :)